More About Me
Misha has a passion for real estate. Her and her husband have been investing in real estate for a number of years, including property restoration and renovation. Misha is proficient with financing and all aspects of transactions. She enjoys working with everyone in her community and helping her clients fulfill their dreams.After earning her Bachelor's Degree, Misha pursued a number of professional avenues gaining experience that benefits her real estate clients. She applies her retail skills and excellent customer service abilities, from working for several years at Nordstrom, to help her real estate clients through the process. Misha also has first hand experience in dealing with the mortgage market through working at a mortgage broker, where she learned the financing side of real estate. Misha was born in Belgrade, Serbia where she helped her family run a retail business successfully for over a decade. The experience taught her the importance of customer service relations -- the importance of being patient, loyal and always willing to help your customers. She came to the US to work and put herself through university studies. She persevered without financial or other support and succeeded. After almost two decades in San Francisco and Marin County, Misha knows the area thoroughly.